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How to Make Money Online Selling Your Knowledge

Real-life examples, earnings proof, and the best platform.

Here’s some truth you may not know about yourself: You (yes you!) have unique knowledge and expertise that people will pay to learn from you.

That’s right. Your knowledge is currency. And if you're looking for a way to make money online, it's about to pay off by reading this article. 

What knowledge am I talking about? Anything in life that sets you apart to train others how to accomplish.

  • This could be specialized knowledge in a hobby.
  • Things in your job or career that other aspiring people in your fields may not know about or could use your advice on.
  • It could even be a life hack you learned on your own!

The truth is, if you aren’t selling this knowledge for others to learn, you are leaving a potentially life-changing income on the table.

If you don't think you’re capable, try not to laugh at these true success stories of people making money online selling their knowledge:

  • I’ve seen a plant lover make $30,000/month telling people how to talk positively to their plants.
  • I’ve seen a sock enthusiast sell a course on what to look for when buying socks and make $23,000.
  • I’ve seen a 17-year-old teach people his stock and crypto market trading techniques and make over $40,000+ in one month with his course & membership combo.
  • I’ve seen a wine lover make over $11,000/month starting a membership where the group meets digitally in her Facebook group every week to drink wine together and she answers all their wine questions.  

After reading those TRUE stories, how capable do you feel now?

Do I have your attention yet? Here are some more realistic examples... 

Here is a list of examples I’ve personally worked with to give you a more realistic pathway to turning your knowledge into income:

  • I’ve helped a Painter of 15+ years create and sell 2 courses. One on how to start a painting business and one offering tips and resources to expand your current painting business. He has made over $200,000+.
  • I’ve helped a Fly Fishing enthusiast make a course teaching people the techniques of Fly Fishing and upsell his best places to Fly Fish and make over $40,000+.
  • I’ve helped Christian Parenting experts launch their membership and make $60,000+.
  • I’ve helped a Nurse sell her course on how to study for the NCLEX-RN exam and make $32,000.
  • I’ve helped a KitchenAid fanatic sell a course showing people how to get the most out of their KitchenAid mixer and upsell her secret recipes to make $30,000+.
  • I’ve helped a professional photographer sell a wedding photography course and upsell their presets and make $54,000 in one launch.

I can give hundreds of more specific examples of people I've worked with or heard of that have taken their knowledge and turned it into online income.  The possibilities are truly endless.

Remember, you have specialized knowledge people will pay to acquire from you too! Now, it's your turn to make money online by selling your knowledge.

If this makes sense to you, you probably have ideas buzzing through your head right now. Stop to type them out or write them down. Then move on to the next step below.

Okay, once you have a general knowledge-based idea written down out, your next question should be:

How do I sell this knowledge to make money online?

Answer: A platform called Kajabi

Maybe you’ve heard of Kajabi, maybe you haven’t. Either way, some big online whales trust this platform to sell their memberships and courses to make money online. And why not? It obviously works for them. And guess what? With a little technical and digital marketing knowledge, it can work for you (yes you!) too.

In this section, I’m going to share with you why Kajabi is our #1 choice specifically for knowledge entrepreneurs to not only host their digital content but make some serious money building out a full-blown digital funnel powerhouse.

We personally use Kajabi to make money online selling our products and services and have helped other digital creators set up their Kajabi account to earn over 5 & 6 figures per month.

Don’t believe me?

Check out some earnings screenshots from our back office and some of our clients Kajabi back offices:


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How Does Kajabi work?

Once you have your knowledge ready to package into a course or membership, Kajabi allows people to purchase your digital content (video, audio, eBooks, PDF’s, etc).

From an organizational standpoint, Kajabi hosts your online content and delivers it to your members in a structured, organized, and professional manner (with many customized options). You sell your content on Kajabi and members access it through Kajabi.

Now, let’s be honest...there are dozens of platforms out there that do this.

What separates Kajabi from the rest is its all-in-one digital marketing capabilities that funnel potential members to buy your course or membership.

What are Kajabi’s All-in-One Capabilities?

In short, Kajabi is a platform to host your course or membership through a library portal for your students and members.

In-depth, Kajabi is the ultimate all-in-one platform to create an automated digital marketing powerhouse.

The idea behind Kajabi is to let you build and run your entire online course or membership business from a single platform so that you don’t need to learn to use several different platforms all at once. It’s all built on Kajabi.

Kajabi's all-in-one capabilities include…

Website Builder & Blog

Kajabi’s website builder is similar to that of Squarespace or Wix. It’s super user-friendly and anyone with drag and drop experience should be able to create a website fairly simply. You can create landing pages to capture leads. You can create sales pages to sell your offers. While they offer pre-made themes, their website theme structure is a bit confusing when trying to make the website your own. If you’re looking for easy-to-use templates, we’ve fixed this issue with ready to import Kajabi website templates that you can easily customize and are easy to navigate.
Kajabi replaces the most common website builders such as Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, etc.

Email Manager

Kajabi's email manager flows right into their platform and can be used in a multitude of ways.

  • It allows you to build automated email sequences that attach to your funnels.
  • You can send out single email broadcasts.
  • Easily segment and tag users, etc.
  • Track open rate, click-through rate, and many other analytical metrics.
  • They even have email pre-designed templates you can customize for your emails and newsletters.

Kajabi replaces the most common email managing software such as Mailchimp, Convertkit, and others.

Podcast Host & Player

Looking to start a podcast? Kajabi can now act as your podcast host and play your podcast on your web pages and in your library. You can even offer it as a paid podcast! No more needing to upload your podcast to a 3rd party and embedding on your website. It’s all done inside Kajabi!
Kajabi replaces the most common podcast platforms such as Libsyn, Blueberry, Soundcloud, etc.

Video Host & Player

Kajabi has built-in video hosting that allows you to upload an unlimited amount of videos directly anywhere on your Kajabi platform. This can be used to upload digital video content for your course or membership. It can also be used to upload videos to your website or sales pages with ease without having to embed them from other platforms. You get unlimited videos and storage! This feature alone saves tons of money and the headache of formatting issues that come with embedding videos from other platforms.
Kajabi replaces the most common video hosting platforms such as Wistia, Vimeo, YouTube, etc.


Have a Live webinar or class coming up? You can make it an event! 

With the event feature, you can set up forms that connect to the event to your funnels and schedule automated custom email reminders to your registrations so they don't miss the event.

Instead of manually sending out emails to remind people, this feature can act as a gamechanger for your automated funnels.


Kajabi acts as a CRM in multiple ways. It filters your members and non-members and allows you to segment people in endless ways to easily find how people got on your list, how they joined and even track their progress in your funnels. You can individually find activities such as their last login date, how many times they logged in, and even add internal notes to their profile.

Payment Processing

Kajabi as a whole is not a merchant processor. However, they make it super easy to integrate your Stripe and/or PayPal. When someone enters the checkout page to purchase your course or membership, they can pay via a Credit Card processed by Stripe or via PayPal. The funds show up immediately in your merchant account.

Kajabi allows you to setup just about any type of payment structure.

  • You can set up one-time payments.
  • You can set up recurring payments.
  • You can even add a setup fee.

The best part? They don’t charge transaction fees to process payments on their platform like most of their competitors do.

Analytics & Reporting

This is a feature that we see is widely overlooked among Kajabi users. These are questions we get a lot:

  • How many people watched a certain video?
  • What percentage of sales are coming from a certain offer?
  • How are my sales month over month?

While we still recommend integrating Google Analytics for website visitor tracking, Kajabi’s internal analytics system is extremely robust and can find any sort of breakdown you are looking for related to anything on your Kajabi platform.

Structured Content Library

Organizing the curriculum for your videos and digital content is one of Kajabi’s main features. On the admin side, they make it super user-friendly to structure your curriculum, create folders and subfolders, and upload the content in an organized way.

On the student side, it is professionally laid out and structured for your students to easily navigate your content in their member library and access specific products.

Another great feature, mainly for memberships, is the ability to drip content automatically days, weeks, or months in advance according to your curriculum. No matter when people join, they start on Day 1 of your content and your content is released to them according to their join date.

Assessment & Quizzes

Assessments are a great tool for creating standardized tests, questionnaires, surveys and quizzes. An underutilized marketing feature of this tool is the availability to create quizzes as a lead magnet to embed into your landing pages to get people into your funnel.
For most uses, Kajabi can replace the most common grading and quiz platforms to grade students and collect data.

Affiliate Software

Want to compensate your loyal members for promoting your course or membership? Kajabi offers a built-in affiliate program that automatically tracks affiliate statistics such as clicks and sales. All you have to do to set it up your commission percentages and links to the URLs you want others to promote and the software does the rest!

They make it super easy to pay commission via PayPal and you can even customize commission percentage for individuals if you want to pay someone a higher percentage or lower percentage.

Mobile App

Kajabi has a global app that syncs with your course or membership library. Members can login and access your content via the app on their devices on the go. The app is a default system app, therefore, the admin side doesn’t offer any type of development features to make your own, but does offer basic settings to choose from. In all, you get the functionality of an app for your members to use more conveniently on their mobile devices.

Customer Support

We all know how important customer service is to us. Kajabi’s customer support is top-notch. I can’t say enough about them. It is extremely apparent that they care about their reputation as a company and making sure their users get the support they need on a technical level. Their live chat wait times are always quick. They are open and transparent about being able to help. And their support reps are very knowledgeable on how to use the platform.

For those willing to learn on their own, they also have an awesome Help Desk Knowledge Base that covers every task and feature on their platform and walks you through how to do it on your own.


I saved the best for last.  The best part about Kajabi is the ability to automate your funnels using a multitude of the features mentioned in this article.  The all-in-one platform has the ability to automate all its tools to work simultaneously together to create killer funnels that bring in the money.  This is the main feature that produces the 6-figure earners.  Once you know how to map out funnels like the experts and use this feature to its full capabilities, you (yes you!) can turn your course or membership into a life-changing income.

Just a reminder, this is ALL in ONE Platform!  No need to learn multiple platforms and tie them all together.  Kajabi has it all and it's everything you need to build a digital marketing funnel powerhouse!

Kajabi Savings

The cost of all these features alone on their own would equal around $500-$1,200/month, depending on your preferences and the type of plans needed on other platforms.

Not to mention the time it would take to learn them all and simultaneously try to make them work together. It would be a complete mess and if you were like me prior to Kajabi, you'd give up.

Whether you need all the tools Kajabi offers is to be determined. But if you want to build out a funnel powerhouse like the 5 and 6 figure earners, you’ll be using most of these features.

Kajabi Plans

Kajabi has 3 different plans to choose from ranging from $150/month to $400/month.  

The plan we recommend is the GROWTH plan, which is the plan it automatically signs you up for with the trial offer.  This plan is only $200/month (for all those tools and features!) after the FREE trial. It's a MEGA good deal!

Conclusion Action Steps

If you are ready to become a knowledge entrepreneur and sell your knowledge to others (yes, people will buy what you have to offer), take the first step and claim our Risk-Free offer below.

There is no risk or obligation and you will learn so much on our FREE intro Zoom call. 

From there, you will have a roadmap to success to decide on your own if you want to pursue becoming a knowledge entrepreneur.

See you on your FREE intro call.


Exclusive Risk-Free Offer to Jumpstart Your Business on Kajabi:

  • Try Kajabi totally FREE for 30 days, risk-free through our affiliate link.
  • Upon joining Kajabi through our affiliate link, you’ll immediately receive a FREE coupon code to choose from one of our Kajabi Website Template Packages for FREE (a $249 value).
  • You’ll also receive a link to my calendar to schedule a FREE introductory Zoom call with me (Cody) to get a personalized roadmap to build out a funnel powerhouse like the 5 and 6 figure earners on Kajabi.
Claim This Risk-Free Offer Now!

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