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Cody & Jacqueline Groth

Owners & Digital Product Consultants

We are a husband and wife team of fellow digital product creators (just like you) who make a passive full-time income selling our own digital products & services.

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The 6 Best Kajabi Website Template Designers

kajabi make money online income

If you've recently started using Kajabi, you (along with almost all their users) are searching for a website template to fit your brand and business. We highly recommend purchasing a Kajabi template from a designer that has what you are looking for. Here are six of the top Kajabi website template designers, all of whom bring a unique template design and style without having to code or become a designer. 

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How to Make Money Online Selling Your Knowledge

kajabi make money online income

Real-life examples, earnings proof, and the best platform.

Here’s some truth you may not know about yourself: You (yes you!) have unique knowledge and expertise that people will pay to learn from you. That’s right. Your knowledge is currency. And if you're looking for a way to make money online, it's about to pay off by reading this article.

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5 Reasons to use Kajabi Templates for Your Website

kajabi templates themes

Kajabi is one of the leading course delivery platforms for new or seasoned knowledge entrepreneurs. The California-based company burst onto the online education scene in 2010 and has helped its members earn close to $2 billion collectively.

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8 Important Platforms & Tools to Use When Creating Digital Content

digital products platforms resources

As a digital content creator, you are an expert at what you are selling. But what about digital content platforms to sell your products and courses on? What types of tools do you need to succeed?

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