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Are you a Therapist Looking to Create Alternative Income Streams?

We help therapists of all niches sell their knowledge and expertise online through digital products and services.

Get the interactive, strategic, hands-on guidance you need to expand your income streams successfully. 

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We Help Therapists Turn Their Knowledge & Expertise Into Digital Income

Eliminate the guesswork. Let us build you alternative income streams.

We know how busy you are seeing clients. You are putting others' needs before yours and doing an amazing job at it. 

Finding ways to build the systems of alternative income streams can be distracting and frustrating.

Let us do the A-Z heavy lifting for you while you focus on your expertise.

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We Help You Create Fully Automated Digital Products

A-Z Full Service Digital Products & Services Development

  • eBooks
  • Online Courses
  • Memberships
  • Group Coaching
  • Webinars
  • Lead Generation
  • ...and anything else you want to sell!
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Hi There! We are Cody & Jacqueline

Owners of Groth Co
Digital Product Developers

We've helped dozens of therapists just like you successfully create multiple income streams outside of their 1-on-1 sessions.

We both come from entrepreneurial backgrounds in digital marketing. With our professional knowledge and experience with various platforms and marketing strategies, we launched Groth Co as our own boutique agency back in 2017 while we were still dating.

Cody developed custom apps & websites and Jacqueline was a digital marketing strategist that managed client advertising that reached upwards of $610,000/month.

In 2019, we used our free time to utilize our own skillsets to invest in ourselves and launch our own digital products. It wasn't long until they quickly became our main source of income.

In 2020, we decided to start a family and take a step back from the traditional agency services. Now, we have a beautiful baby girl and use our available time and services to create our own digital products and help other digital creators and therapists succeed.

In summary...
We are a husband and wife team of fellow digital product creators (just like you) who make a passive full-time income selling our own digital products & services.

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Video Testimonials

A few testimonies from therapists and digital creators just like you that we've worked with. 


If you are a therapist looking to create alternative income streams, schedule a discovery call to get started!

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What to Expect 

There are 3 things that keep therapists like you coming back to us.


With our knowledge of digital products and digital marketing as a whole, we promise to be are fast & timely as possible when working with others to make sure things get done.


We believe in doing the right thing all the time, no matter what. Our business success relies on your experience with working with us. We have a heart for therapists on the same journey and stewarding our skillet.


You work directly with us to assure things get done without any excuses. People find us, refer us and keep coming back to us because they trust us with our expertise and the results we deliver to them.

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Schedule a Discovery Zoom Call